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Visa Information in English

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On the following page, you may find Information regarding your visa application in English.

General Information

As a rule, non-EU nationals travelling to Germany need a visa. For short term visits, citizens of Georgia in possession of a biometric passport do not need to have a visa anymore since March 28, 2017.

What kind of visa you need depends on the length of your intended stay in Germany. For short term visits (up to 90 days within a 180-day-period), you need to apply for a Schengen visa. Should you intend to stay longer than 90 days or move to Germany (e.g. for study, work or family reunion), you have to apply for a national visa.

Can I apply for my Schengen visa with the German Embassy in Tbilisi?

You may apply for your visa with us, if you legally reside in Georgia and Germany constitutes the sole destination of your visit(s). If your intended visit includes more than one destination, you may apply with us, if Germany constitutes the main destination of the visit(s) in terms of the length or purpose of stay. Only if no main destination can be determined, you may apply with us, if you intend to enter the territory of the Schengen area via Germany.

Equally, you may apply with us, if you intend to travel to Finland or Portugal.

Can I apply for my national visa with the German Embassy in Tbilisi?

According to the legislation of the German administration and common practice in the issuing of visas, a diplomatic or consular mission is solely competent for receiving applications by applicants who reside within its respective consular circumscription. Applicants can be considered residents in particular, if they have been staying at the place in question for at least six months. An application may be submitted in a third country, like Georgia, if applicants reside within Georgia and can provide proof thereof (residence permit etc.).

Applications cannot be received if applicants only travel to Georgia to submit their visa applications, e.g. for family reunion, study or work purposes.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, you may only apply after booking your appointment beforehand. Please follow this link to our appointment booking system.

Schengen Visas - Application Form and Information Sheets

National Visas

Please contact the Embassy via our Contact Form to inquire about the necessary documents.

Application form and mandatory declaration in English:

I applied for a visa, but my application has been rejected. What can I do?

Please refer to our Information sheet:

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